Welcome to RabbiKahn.com

I'm Rabbi Samantha Kahn, and I'm a preacher, facilitator, pastor, ritualist, innovator, educator,  and so much more. I am honored to serve San Francisco and the Bay Area as Director of InterfaithFamily. InterfaithFamily is the premier resource supporting interfaith couples exploring Jewish life. Additionally, I'm serving as the Interim Chair of the Board of Rabbis of Northern California, and I'm honored to lead the hunt for our next generation of leaders. 

I'm also on a mission to help everyone crack open the treasure chest of Jewish tradition and uncover lessons and secrets for living a meaningful, successful and influential life.

If you're looking for a rabbi to officiate at a lifecycle event, help enrich your spiritual life, harness your inner strength, or work with you on being your best self, please contact me. Life offers us many joyous and painful moments. I am here to help you navigate each one.